Research shows that those clients who receive brief services are more likely to have a positive outcome to their case. We encourage our attorneys, when possible, to go beyond legal advice alone to provide brief services!

Brief services include: writing a letter, making a phone call, obtaining specific information from another agency on the client’s behalf, drafting pleadings, drafting a portion of pleadings, assisting with accomplishing service of process or the signing of an IFP, providing written information to clients regarding their legal issue (including your own written notes about next steps to take), etc.

The most effective brief services are: drafting an Answer; help with Financial Disclosure forms; telephone calls; completing Power of Attorney forms; and Wage Garnishment Exemption forms.

Please select the following resources to support your brief services:

Answer to a Complaint

Appealing Termination of Public Housing Lease or Eviction Notice

Conciliation Court

Criminal Expungement

Debt Validation

Exemptions from Garnishment

Getting Property Returned After Moving Out

In Forma Pauperis

Letter to Creditor to Stop Harassment

Mortgage Foreclosure

Motion to Vacate a Default Judgment

Power of Attorney

Requesting Personal Employment Record

Security Deposit Return

Wages Demand Letter