You may consult the Resource and Referral Handbook (partially updated March 2013, last updated February 2012) for a comprehensive list of resources and legal services arranged by issue area designed to help lawyers provide quality legal advice and referrals.

The Attorney Suggestion Form (last updated February 2015) is an abbreviated list of the most common referrals for legal services. You may write suggested next steps on one side, and check off the agency to which they are referring the client for future reference on the back side.

Clients who would like legal education regarding how to avoid the most common problems that we see at clinics may find our Avoid Legal Trouble brochure useful. Feel free to print as many of these as you like.

Most clinics attorneys provide clients with legal advice or a brief legal service. This page has legal resources for both.

Legal Advice.

Brief Services. Clients who receive brief legal services are more likely to have a positive outcome to their case. If a case has merit, please consider providing a brief legal service (e.g., writing a letter, making a phone call, obtaining specific information from another agency on the client’s behalf, drafting pleadings, drafting a portion of pleadings, etc.).

Below are forms and other resources organized by topic to help provide brief services.
Conciliation Court

Criminal Expungement

Debtor and Creditor

Family Law


Labor and Employment

Motor Vehicle


Real Estate